I realized at a young age that I possessed a strong passion for clothes and the whole concept of “style” in a much larger aspect, in regards to the importance of self expression and individuality. Over the years, I have accumulated an immense apparel collection and began to notice a trend of specific brands and types of pieces that I enjoyed wearing or was heavily influenced by. Ever since then, I began to prioritize this obsession and educate myself on particular designers, photographers, publications, and artists that all held leverage over what I eventually wanted to do with this knowledge. Currently, I am a creative consultant specializing in brand + image growth, building a platform for many artists, retailers, and collaborators by providing original content creation, ideas, and curation to produce a successful, finished product presented in a fashionable, unique manner.  I advise a select group of clients, assisting with art direction and conceptualizing current trends, developing innovative ideas to push forth and touch base with the target audience + consumer on a personable level. I possess the authentic ability to expose and influence all relevant and developing trends through research and the importance of establishing genuine network and connections that will last and benefit myself and the respective client equally. I take a firm stance in having mentorship and surrounding myself with people that I am constantly inspired by; with great appreciation for criticism, maintaining a consistent pattern of progressive behavior and understanding that I will never stop learning while working in this industry.


Client List:  Sol, Dave B, Brothers from Another, Avatar Darko, Alive & Well, Likelihood, Tele Fresco, Porter Ray, 8Stem2 NICEShoes of NYC, Maiden Noir, City Arts Magazine, Nazari Pau, Target x Soulcycle, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Flaunt Magazine, NOWHERE FC, Flight, The Bakeree Seattle, Jay Park, H1gher Music